• Kathryn Bell

Welcome to the world little Juilan!

At the end of last year I was privileged to attend the birth of beautiful baby Julian! His was a great example of how positive, calm and empowering birth can and should be.

Was it luck? Does his mother Min Ji just birth easily? People have suggsted that's why she had a great birth. But, she knows better.

Min Ji and her partner Michael worked together to prepare. So that, no matter what, they maintained a positive mindset and owned the whole experience.

Preparing for birth is key. Preparing your mind, so that it doesn't get in the way of your body working just as it's designed to do. Think of all the ways your mind and emotions impact you physically - from your heart racing at just the thought of giving a speech to crying watching a movie or reading a book, even though you know it's not real. The same is true in birth. When doubts creep in, they alter the balance of hormones that are so important in birth and directly affect how our uterus works. That's why quality education, preparation, tools and support are so important - to counter the negativity.

So, how did Min Ji and Michael prepare? They:

  • Did lots of research, including positive, personal stories about normal birth

  • Put energy and focus into connecting - together and with their baby - throughout pregnancy

  • Did the Calmbirth childbirth education course (which shares a lot with the hypnobirthing philosophy and approach)

  • Practiced yoga and relaxation (breathing and meditation)

  • Were supported by a doula (moi!) who got to know them (their dreams, doubts and preferences for birth) and gave them confidence to stay at home for most of first stage labour.

When we got together a few days after the birth Min Ji summed up the results of all that preparation really well when she said "It got really intense but I knew my body wouldn't give me anything I couldn't handle".

I'm so happy for Min Ji and Michael that they had the beautiful, gentle birth that they hoped for. It was a wonderful way to welcome little Julian into the world.

"We still can't thank you enough for your wholehearted support and presence before, during and after the birth of our precious son. The whole experience of transformation from pregnancy to parenthood was incredibly loving, empowering and collaborative thanks to our amazing team work and trust in each other. Not to mention your patience during the intense contractions and all the shenanigans in between! Lots of love Min Ji, Michael and Julian"

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