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Welcome baby Julian! Natural birth after a long prelabour

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Laura & Steve welcomed this sweet little boy (seriously, how cute is he?!) in December.

A long early / latent labour phase is very tiring, and it can be difficult to stay positive and focused. Laura - you should be so proud of yourself!

Often a longer start to labour happens because baby needs more time to get down and around. Every surge is doing something to help, and it's really important to rest and conserve your energy as much as possible during this phase. Staying home / returning home in early labour is also vital to avoiding the cascade of intervention.

Laura's story below shows the value of having a range of tools for labour and a supportive birth team. You want a team who understands your preferences, encourages you when you're losing confidence, and talks you through all your options so you can make the right choices for you.


We had our little boy, Julian, a couple of weeks ago and I just wanted to get in touch and thank you again for the course. It wasn't quite the short and smooth birthing experience I had envisioned but everything we learnt at hypnobirthing helped me adapt to the experience as it was.

The TENS machine was an absolute saviour. I wore it for three days and nights!

All the exercises and prep we did ensured I was comfortable and in a good headspace and that my partner knew how to help. Wearing an eye mask was a great tip that I wouldn't have thought of, it helped me get and stay 'in the zone'.

My surges started on Wednesday night and Julian was born on Saturday morning so it was long! On Wednesday night and throughout Thursday I thought I was in early labour only to call the hospital and find out it was pre-labour. On Friday morning we went to the hospital and were sent home. When I got home my waters broke and the surges ramped up so in the afternoon we went up to the hospital where my surges almost completely stopped!

I was so tired and fed up after two sleepless nights, I asked to be induced. The doctor came in and said they could induce me that night or the following morning. I chose that evening but felt quite unsettled about my decision.

Then, one of the brilliant midwives, who knew my birth plan, came in and talked to me about why I wanted to be induced and after chatting with her and my partner we agreed it wasn't what we wanted.

It was then I realised the importance of advocacy - you talked quite a lot about it in the course and I didn’t really think it would be important for me. I didn't really want to be induced and because the midwife knew that she was able to gently steer me back on track.

We decided to wait it out until morning to see if my body did its thing. I was scheduled to be induced the following morning at 6.30.

I went home and thanks to Panadine Forte got some sleep! I woke with surges throughtout the night and then at about 4am, my water broke more and we went up to the hospital. We arrived around 5am, the surges intensified for a few hours and then around 8.30 it was time to start pushing.

After such a long first stage, my second stage was remarkably short. I pushed through 4 surges - the midwife said it was only 10 or 20 minutes - and then they placed him on my chest. He fed almost immediately and we had a beautiful 2 or so hours of skin-to-skin.

That all seems like so long ago now, but it was only three weeks.

I’m still amazed at the power of hormones and stoked that I got through it drug free!

Thanks again for the course. I’ve been recommending it to all my pregnant friends. I hope you and Greg and the girls have a great break ... despite the lockdown!

Warmest Regards,


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