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Sheree & Nikki welcome baby Fionn

Updated: Mar 9

Excited to share this birth announcement about the arrival of baby Fionn last Tuesday! Big congratulations to beautiful mum's Sheree and Nikki. It was lots of fun having them join my February Hypnobirthing Australia™ course.

As Sheree's message below shows, we can't control all the circumstances of our birth, but we can control how we respond to the twists and turns of our birthing. Gathering in the right knowledge, tools and support really helps to make it a positive experience.

Shout out to the wonderful Nadine Fragosa who was their doula :-)

From Sheree:

"I wanted to let you know our baby arrived last Tuesday - a beautiful little boy we named Fionn.

The birth didn't go how I'd hoped, as I ended up with an epidural and a forceps delivery as bubs was posterior and looking up. However, despite the interventions I felt educated and well informed to quickly make decisions as they were needed. I also got to spend a lot of time labouring the way I had initially wanted - at home, using my hypnobirthing tracks, in a birth pool, using the birth stool etc. So, I feel I got the full experience. And, in the end I was able to push my baby out (I could still feel it, which was amazing) and even caught him myself.

Thank you so much for your course. It equipped Nikki and I for all the obstacles as they arose. And, the hypnobirthing tracks helped me so much through the end of my pregnancy and early in my labour."

Baby Fionn <3


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