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Sarah & Olly welcome baby Harvey x

I received this beautiful birth story in my inbox yesterday afternoon after finishing another group hypnobirthing course. Such a joy to read how this gorgeous couple used simple but effective tools like affirmations, visualisation, self-hyposis tracks, an eye mask and the TENS machine to labour at home through most of their labour. And, then used their BRAIN technique to make informed decisions and communicate their choices confidently when interventions were recommended. We can't control our circusmtances but having knowledge and tools helps to calmly meet whatever turn our birthing takes.

The overwhelming love Sarah and Olly have for their little man is just so clear in Sarah's words below. So special. Thanks for sharing Sarah - you're a real inspiration xxx


Olly and I had our beautiful little boy, Harvey Bray White on 25 January (right on his due date!) We have been soaking up all the newborn snuggles and are just so in love with our little man. Thank you for passing on your invaluable knowledge during the Hypnobirth course, we felt so empowered and educated on our pregnancy journey and so excited for labour.

I wanted to share my birth story with you as although the ending was not the dream birth I had hoped for, it was still an incredibly beautiful experience and I feel so proud of what my body is capable of.

I went into early labour around 9pm on the 24th January and laboured at home with the help of a TENS machine, my hypno tracks and aromatherapy until around 5am on the 25th when we finally decided it was time to go to the hospital. I had kept a sleeping mask on this whole time as well as on the drive to the hospital which really helped me stay in the zone the whole time.

On arrival, I was 8cm dilated and so proud of myself for sticking it out at home for that long. I thought “this is going to be such a quick and easy labour, I’ve got this!!” I was so excited for what was to come. We made sure the hospital room would be dark before we arrived and Olly set the room up with electronic candles, a diffuser with clary sage and Rainbow Mist playing on the speaker (I listened to Rainbow Mist on repeat for almost 5 hours straight, the midwives must’ve thought I was crazy!) I surprised myself by not wanting to get in the bath and laboured on the fit ball instead.

I was fully dilated quite quickly after arriving at the hospital and ready to push. I pushed and pushed...and three hours later I was still pushing with barely any progress. At this stage the doctor came into the room to assess the situation. We were told that Harvey was asynclitic (his head was tilted towards his shoulder) but because he also had the cord wrapped around his neck, he wasn’t turning naturally to come down the birth canal.

It was advised I’d need forceps to turn him and I should have an epidural to get me through. Having got so far naturally and without even considering any pain relief, this was really deflating so Olly helped me implement the BRAIN acronym and we looked at alternatives. I ended up having a pudendal nerve block instead and sucked on the gas as the doctor delivered Harvey instrumentally, arriving at 9.47am and weighing 3.58kg. I still felt the forceps with the nerve block and won’t lie it was extremely intense and I was definitely out of my zone at that point! But when Harvey was placed on my chest it was just the most joyous moment, I will relive that feeling forever.

My positive affirmations, in particular the thought of meeting our little bubba soon really helped me to manage any pain and labour at home for so long. At one point during the pushing phase I actually started crying with happiness and laughing saying “I am just so happy”. It’s amazing how a positive mindset and some beautiful hormones can make labour a wonderful experience rather than a scarily painful one. I am so glad we chose to do Hypnobirthing, I’ve been raving about it to everyone!

Thank you again for all of your guidance. I’ve attached some photos of our little man.

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