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Sara & TJ's Valentine's day Natural hypnobirth

It seemed just right when I received a message from Sara to say she and TJ had welcomed their little girl into the world on Valentine's day. Seeing them together in my December hypnobirthig course was so lovely - they clearly have something special together. All cuddles, kisses, laughs and loving looks <3

Sara was just over a week past her estimated due date when baby Summer decided it was birth time. Sara had been in touch for tips and encouragement a few days earlier on the 11th, as she was concerned about needing to be induced. It can be a really difficult time at the 40-week mark and beyond, and so important to reduce stress, enjoy the last days of pregnancy and trust in our body and our baby. I reminded them also to use the acupressure points and massage we covered in the course plus nipple stimulation / had expressing to help get the right hormones flowing.

I just love how Sara used her breath so beautifully through the surges of her body, so that the midwives were amazed at how far along she was. And, I have no doubt the oxytocin would have been flowing in abundance, thanks to the loving support of TJ.

Sara also did yoga with the fabulous and (very funny) Lisa at Kiss Yoga in Dee Why - a great way to prepare physically and mentally for the chllenges of prgnancy, birth and motherhood.

The equally fabulous, Erika Elliott encapsulatd Sara's placenta.

Congrats Sara, TJ and little Summer, you did it! xo


Hey! I have been meaning to sit down and email you all about our birth!

It was pretty awesome!

We had an appointment booked in at the hospital for 10.30am on Valentine’s Day where I was expecting a stretch and sweep and to be sent home. I had started to feel what I thought may have been my waters, very slowly leaking during the night before. So, we popped our bags in the car just in case.

My contractions started in the car on the way while we were pumping up the tyres at the servo. They were getting pretty close together, maybe every 5-7 minutes.

We met with a midwife at hospital who monitored me for about half an hour and by now I was having regular, painful surges every few minutes. I’d wanted to birth in the water, however there was some meconium in the waters, so I wasn’t able to.

I didn’t really have a chance to think about it once we were in the birthing room, as it was all happening! The midwife checked my cervix for the first time after a couple of hours and I was 8cm dilated!!

The midwives were pretty amazed at how we were going! We had made it this far with TJ pressing on the points on my lower back, listening to the birth affirmations track, and swaying my hips really helped and deep breathing through the surges.

I ended up trying the gas for an hour or so which did help, but it was turned off and I was just using the empty tube to concentrate on my breathing! I had my eyes closed the whole time, even when changing positions or going to the toilet. That really helped me focus. Anyway, not much later and I birthed Summer at 4.33pm on all fours in the bathroom, holding TJs hands. It was so so special!

I birthed the placenta naturally, which I kept to have encapsulated and we had a beautiful afternoon of cuddling our beautiful baby!

We were both so happy we did the course with you and it really helped us have an amazing birth! Summer is a very chilled little baby and feeding well and we are just figuring it all out as we go. A huge, emotional and hormonal time, but we are loving it and so happy to have a healthy little girl. Thank you again Love Sara , TJ and Summer xxx

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