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Introducing my little Fern!

Updated: May 1, 2019

Early in July my second little girl Fern was born. She came quickly but gently and peacefully at home.

She was born just 2.5 hours after I woke up feeling surges and before our midwives arrived (called them a bit late! :-)). So it was just us - Greg, Fern and I - working together. Fern was born in our lounge room, on a mattress in front of the fire, into her Daddy's hands. Greg woke big sister Isla immediately to come welcome her little sister and announce 'it's a girl!". It was all really beautiful and easy. My Hypnobirthing Australia visualisations and breathing came to the fore (as attested to in an article for the ABC shortly afterwards: Hypnobirthing - Hippie trend or legitimate practice). And, it was just so wonderful not to have to go anywhere and to be in my own space - for the birth itself and for those incredibly special first few days after. If you can afford to engage private midwives to birth at home, do it!

Our beautiful midwives Janine O'Brien and Hannah Dahlen were here for the third stage and after a few hours of monitoring Fern and I, tucked us all in to sleep in front of the fire together. Just as Isla had imagined after reading 'Hello Baby', a beautiful children's story about a home birth in which the family do the same.

I can't thank Janine and Hannah enough for their loving care, professionalism and wisdom! We've loved getting to know them both and have felt so well supported throughout the pregnancy, birth and postnatal period.

We're so fortunate to have Fern with us after a long journey trying to conceive her and I'm incredibly happy, for all four of us, that we brought her into the world the way we did. Not least for my big girl who will take forward from her experience a positive imprint about how birth is. Not a scary, excruciating, medical event, but a sacred, natural and beautiful experience to be cherished.

With Isla and Fern shortly after her birth

Fern joining bedtime stories (3 weeks old)

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