• Kathryn Bell

Healing second birth of baby Oliver

Sometimes it's not until our next baby is born that we can realise the full, transformative potential of birth. Through the trauma of the first birth there's an awakening about how the system works, how decisions we made could have been better informed, how our instincts are often spot on, and how we actually need to be supported in labour.

Cath and Ralph did hypnobirthing with me privately. It was supposed to be a group course, but it turned out perfectly that we had this time 121 (thanks universe). It was such a pleasure getting to know them both. We were able to explore their first birth story and specific needs this time around, with some complicating health issues to consider.

I was so happy when Cath made contact after the course asking for doula recommendtaions near to them in Wollongong; and, over the moon when they engaged experienced doula and fellow Hypnobirthing Australia™ practitioner Christa Buckland.

With knowledge, tools, preparation and support Cath and Ralph acheived the healing birth they so deserved! Couldn't be happier for you guys. Congratulations to you and your boys on becoming a beautiful family of four xo


Just wanted to say a huge thank you for sharing all your amazing knowledge with us during the hypnobirthing course. It set me up for a positive mindset going into my birth, and empowered me with the knowledge to ask for the things that were important to me.

Our beautiful boy Oliver was born on 6th Jan and is happy and healthy. Thank you for recommending Christa Buckland, she was an amazing support. I had my little guy kneeling on the floor/leaning on the bed, and as a result no damage to my coccyx (like I did after my first birth). Although, I still had to be induced at 38 weeks due to low fluid/slowed growth, I birthed with only gas. I came out feeling really strong and proud of myself, and have recovered really well.

After further research, I also felt confident to decline the special care nursery post-birth (which is just the hospital policy as I was on insulin) and they agreed to do the checks in the room with me. All his blood sugars were perfect (due to lots of skin-to-skin and breastfeeding), no complications for bub, and we weren’t separated (which was really important to me).

Thanks for the amazing work that you do. I wish every woman could do your course and have the support of a Doula during their birth. Thanks for doing what you do.

Big hugs

Cath & Ralph, and of course baby Oliver xx

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