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Eden's birth story - the waterbirth of baby Yolanda

At a time of such negative news and uncertainty, I'm so happy to be able to share this beautiful birth story with you - the birth of Eden and Brycen's first child Yolanda.

Eden's story shows what's possible with conscious preparation and belief in ourselves. An easy, blissful, natural birth is not down to luck. It takes knowledge, tools, support and PREPARATION of the mind and body. In the Hypnobirthing Australia™ course we give you the knowledge and tools, we equip your partner to be an effective support for you in labour, and we begin your prepartion. You need to take it and run with it.

Ultimately, you are preparing to develop a rock-solid positive mindset and to completely surrender to your body and baby. And, all is possible when you do ...


"I had been experiencing pre labour symptoms from 37 weeks, such as loosing my mucus plug and inconsistent contractions that would fizzle out etc. Once these symptoms came I knew it was time to really prepare for labour. We got acupuncture done once a week, used evening primrose oil internally, drank copious amounts of red raspberry leaf tea, lots of walking, sex, perineal massage twice a week, clary sage, spinning babies exercises, and of course practiced our breathing exercises alongside the hypnobirthing tracks daily. I was getting a little impatient by 39 weeks and then realised that our baby will come when she’s ready, and to just enjoy the last few weeks of feeling her kicks and time with my husband. At 39+6 I woke with strong contractions and lost a large amount of mucus plug. Again, they fizzled our after a few hours so I went with my usual day routine. By the time afternoon came around I realised contractions had come back and were 10-15 mins apart. I just rested and distracted myself. It was so bearable, but I also had gotten used to the feeling of contractions after weeks of them!

At 6pm we decided to go for a walk and this really progressed things. I was contracting every 8-10 mins and needed to start bending over through a contraction. Again, it was all very bearable. By the time it got to 10pm I tried to lie down and have a sleep, but they were intense enough that I needed to do something more. I had a hot bath and then laboured in the shower at which point I had a bloody show and contractions were getting more intense and I needed my husband with me. Since we ran out of hot water (from 2 hours in the shower!) we went to the lounge room. I’m usually a very affectionate person but couldn’t handle Brycen touching me, and just wanted to be left alone with him timing for me.

Every contraction I would have to bend over the lounge/ball and practice my breathing. By 12pm I asked him to call the hospital and tell them I’m ready to come in. The hospital insisted to speak to me and she believed from how calm I was that I wasn’t ready to go in.

I told Brycen I really need some help, so we put on the hypno tracks and as soon as we did I calmed down and barely made any noise through contractions. They felt intense of course, but not painful at all.

I made sure to keep urinating throughout, even though it made the contractions more intense and I did feel like it progressed everything. At 1pm I told Brycen to call the hospital again and tell them I’m ready to go in and again they didn’t believe I was from how calm I was. By the time it got to 2pm I told Brycen to lie to them about how close my contractions were and finally they hesitantly said I could come in to get assessed but would most likely get sent home. We got to hospital at 2:30 and the midwife on duty was very calm and lovely and as she checked to see how dilated I was I saw her eyes go into shock, and she said “Wow I can feel baby’s head and you’re actually 6cm!” I was so relieved. She took me to the birth suite and offered me gas, which I tried but didn’t like the taste. She ran the bath for me and I got in straight away. As soon as I did I was comfortable and the contractions were more bearable. I relaxed into the side of the tub kind of in a squat position. Brycen kept giving me cold water, and a cold sponge which helped.

Around 3:30 I started feeling a really heavy pressure in my bottom and my body started pushing. I was in shock because half an hour earlier I was told I was only 6cm. I got filled with fear and adrenaline (which I now realise the transition hormones had started as I needed to push), and the midwife reassured me that my body was working perfectly and if I have an urge to push to not hold it back and go with it. At this point I felt a burst and looked down and my waters had broken. We had the hypno tracks on but I was so drugged by my natural hormones I didn’t even need to actively listen. It took a lot of willpower to not be fearful through those surges. I was shocked at just how much pressure there was in my bum. My MGP midwife turned up at this time (she wasn’t even on call!) and was just a breath of fresh air for me. The only time I wanted to be touched my whole labour was when she placed her hand on my back to reassure me baby was coming out well.

I pushed for an hour with her head coming up and down and then her head popped out with her hand on her cheek! All I could feel was all her hair on my leg with the water moving it around. In between these pushing surges we laughed and joked around, I didn’t even feel I was in labour. With the next contraction her whole body came out and I got to pull her up out of the water. Within 5 seconds she was crying and was perfect colour. It was the most amazing and relieving feeling!  We stayed in the tub for 10-15 mins and then I was taken out to deliver the placenta. We lied on the bed and she latched well and I was given the syntocinon injection. Placenta came out perfectly. I only had two small grazes around my labia, which only one needed to be stitched. All up I only lost 250ml blood. And, she was rated an agpar score of 9. She was perfect. Even arriving in the early hours of her due date!  Milk came in perfectly and she latches well, but has an excessively long tongue which she is quite uncoordinated with so we are using nipple shields for a short while until she can latch and stay on without a struggle. She’s been a dream feeder and sleeper since birth and my healing has been perfect.  We are so chuffed with ourselves and overwhelmed just how smoothly everything went.

We put a lot of time and effort (and money!) into preparing for the labour and feel like it has paid off with how calm and content our baby is now.

We are so grateful for how skilfully you guided us in hypnobirthing. Of course the hypnobirthing way is amazing, but you really enriched it with your experience and demeanour.

I'm most likely going to be having at least 40 kids after how well all this went so I’m sure we will be in touch very very soon!

All my love,

Eden x

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