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Courtney & Rob welcome baby Alyssa x

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Congratulations guys! You did it, together as a great team!

She's gorgeous and so lucky to have you for her mummy and daddy <3

"Our precious girl, Alyssa May was born on the last day of winter, August 31 at 17:18pm.

She is a healthy little 8.12lbs chubber, who already has an appetite like her daddy :-)

You've played a big part in her coming into the world, and we want to thank you for your support.

Prior to doing your hypnobirthing class I had such a huge fear of childbirth. From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I was so terrified of the part where I actually had to give birth.

Your course really put things into perspective for me, and I was able to see birth as a positive, natural process, and something I was born and designed to do.

At 40 weeks and 9 days my baby was still nice and snug, and not showing any signs that she wanted to come out. That night I noticed reduced movements and the following day I was induced. Being induced was something I really didn't want, as I was really hopng for a calm, natural hypnobirth.

My waters were broken and there was meconium, so I was told that further intervention could be on the cards. I was in labour for 23 hours, only using gas as pain relief, when there was talk of time limits for me to get her out as she was starting to show signs of distress.

It was then that I feared an episiotomy. I opted for an epidural and shortly after I had an episiotomy and vacuum delivery.

They placed her on my chest and she grabbed my hand and stared into my eyes for a whole hour, not crying until she got her needles. She's a great feeder too.

Despite the fact that my labour was not the natural birth that I had desired and daydreamed about leading up to it, I'm proud that I was able to remain calm and happy through my entire labour. Even the midwives said 'you won't stop giggling!'. I breathed my way through the whole process. Rob coached me through and I was able to focus on his voice and stay grounded.

I will happily recommend hypnobirthing to any of my friends who become pregnant and hope that I can reuse these skills in my next pregnancy.

Thank you for everything Kathryn!"

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