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Sam & Alex welcome baby Araelia x

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

It's always so exciting to hear from new parents who've attended one of my Hypnobirthing Australia™ courses. I love getting to meet them and after spending a couple of days together over the course I wonder how they are, and hope they all have a beautiful, positive time bringing their baby into the world. So, it really makes my day to get photos like these (look at those rosebud lips and Sam's beaming smile!), and to hear that she loved her birthing day!

Sam and Alex did my June course and were supported by my friend and amazing doula Jacki Barker (

Here's what Sam had to say about her experience:

"I just wanted to introduce our little hypnobub Araelia Eve Wilson, born 2:14pm Wednesday 31st July. She is just perfect, and we are so thankful for all of the tips and tricks, they were unbelievably helpful :)

Alex and I attended Kathryn’s hypnobirthing course together over 2 consecutive Sundays. We really loved the course and it really made a big difference on the day!

it was not only incredibly informative, empowering and fun! Most importantly when the big day finally rolled around, I found that I was more than prepped to have my dream birth (whilst being flexible because life is unpredictable!)

The course gives you the tools and the knowledge to have as natural an experience as possible, explaining the hormonal, psychological and emotional challenges of the most wonderful day of one’s life.

In my birth experience, I was calm, in control and managed to surprise the midwives at just how far along I was during the labour - and I can attribute a lot of this to the course. It’s not just hippy mojo, we felt confident and prepared... even excited when it was ‘go time’. There’s no room for nerves and fear when you’re a hypnomum... highly recommended by little Araelia and her parents!!

And, Jacki was incredible too. Doulas like you both are truly angels that walk among us."

Congratulations Sam and Alex! Over the moon for you.

And, welcome to the world baby Araelia, you are so loved xoxo

Row of nine pregnant couples who attended June 2019 positive birth course
Sam & Alex first couple on the left. after completing their Hypnobirthing Australia™ Positive birth course June 2019

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