Please note: I am not currently taking on new doula clients. I am booked for births through to October, and then taking the rest of the year off to get ready for travellng Australia with my family in 2022.

As your doula, I've got your back.

I'll get to know you both during your pregnancy, finding out what's important to you and sharing balanced information along the way.

When your birthing day arrives, the rapport and trust developed between us will enable you to feel safe, confident and relaxed. I will be with you, giving emotional and physical support throughout your labour, birth and immediate postnatal period.

Any mother will tell you, giving birth is one of the most physically and emotionally challenging things you'll ever do. It makes good sense to have a trained and experienced 'coach' as part of your team, to get the most out of this incredible experience.

See my birth doula packages below.

The postnatal period is an amazing time of falling deeply in love with your baby. It brings challenges too, with a lot to learn and some feeling overwhelmed and isolated. Having someone who genuinely cares, and has the experience and knowledge to give gentle, practical, non-judgmental guidance can really help to reassure you, or turn things around.

As a mum to young children, and busy birth doula and chldbirth educator, I have limited availability for postnatal support for my birth support clients only. My hourly rate for postnatal support is $85/hour for a minimum 3-hour visit.

There's plenty of evidence supporting the choice to invest in a doula. See my Doula FAQs for links to evidence on how our continuous support makes a positive difference, plus more information on what a doula does/doesn't do, my service terms and more ...​



Time to develop a good working relationship, and so I can fully understand what's important to you both and give tailored support

2 x pre-birth meetings to prepare, practise comfort measures and get to know each other (usually 2-3 hours, but as long as you need)

Free initial in-person consultation

24/7 phone/email support

Guidance for writing your birth preferences

Access to my library of birth and parenting DVDs and books

On call from 38 weeks for labour and birth at home and/or hospital

Access to my 'doula bag' resources

1-2 postnatal visits - one in the first few days and another if/when you feel you need it

$2500 total investment


Great value and the best preparation and support for the positive birth you desire



Choose between coming along to a group course or learn privately over 4 evenings or a full weekend

The Full Birth Support

package discounted by 10% 

Plus Hypnobirthing Australia™ Positive Birth group course ($550) OR private course ($950)

An investment of $2800 (group) or $3200 (private)


When we've worked together before or you're already full term this may be a good option for you

Free initial consultation via Skype/FaceTime

1 x pre-birth meeting to plan and prepare

24/7 phone/email support

On call from 38 weeks for labour and birth

Access to my 'doula bag' resources, including TENS machine, essential oils, massage oil, massage tools, mood lighting, music, anti-nausea bands, peanut ball

1 x post-birth meeting to debrief

$1900 total investment